If you are feeling unsafe and/or are having thoughts or plans to seriously harm yourself or take your own life then it is really important that you get the help you need and deserve right now. 

A mental health emergency is as serious as any  medical emergency.
Unlike a medical emergency though, it is common for people in mental health crisis to mistakenly believe that we don't deserve the support that we do, and/or to blame ourselves for something that is not our
fault; this makes us even more vulnerable than people who are having a physical emergency because they know they need to get urgent help and because they don't tend to feel guilty or responsible for this, they tend to access it sooner.

What to do right now if you're having a mental health emergency / are in crisis

  • If you can get to A&E safely, go there immediately and tell them how you are feeling; what sort of thoughts you've been having and how long they have been going on. They can get someone from the mental health team to come and see you and from there you will be on course to receive the specialist mental health support you may need such as referral to a crisis team, hospital or psychiatry for assessment and diagnosis


  •  A mental health emergency is as serious as a medical emergency. If you or someone you know feels immediately unsafe, at risk of taking your own life or of seriously self harming, then call 999


  • Keep your phone with you and contact someone you trust and tell them how you are feeling and ask them to help you get help, try not to be alone and ask a person you trust to be with you or stay on the phone with you. You may feel like a burden for doing this or guilty - I did - but trust me, they would rather you tell them so that they can help you, than you act on your feelings. If you can safely get to them then do so


  • If you can't get to A&E or call 999 then prioritise keeping yourself safe until you can: I would wrap myself up in my duvet where nothing was around that I could hurt myself with. Keep getting through it a minute at a time. What you are going through is hellish, but you can and will get through it. Try distraction techniques like puttting netflix on or an audio book just to help get through the moment


  • You can find the nearest crisis support service to you by clicking on the button below and entering your location

  • Samaritans has a free to call service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, if you want to talk to someone in confidence about how you are feeling. Call them on 116 123


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