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From surviving to thriving

If you are somebody who has been struggling with mental health and you would like guidance and support with practical issues to help move forward and live a better life then you are in the right place.

You have already taken control; showing determination and initiative and, dare I say, hope, by proactively searching for solutions for things to improve. It's hard to problem-solve and find time and energy to make changes for the better at the best of times, let alone when things are tough (and for some of you that may be the understatement of the century), but here you are! And regardless of everything else right now, you should be proud of yourself for having taken these steps.

Am I in the right place?




You may have had minimal or zero support for your mental health, until now.


You may not have felt you deserved or needed support but have recognised that things are getting too much, you may have tried to seek support only to be faced with barrier upon barrier, which has made things more difficult you may be doing relatively ok but are wanting to put some things in place for a period you forsee as being particularly difficult, alternatively you may be here because you want to support somebody else who is struggling with their mental health.


You may have a mental health diagnosis, or not. You may want one, or you may not. 

Whatever the case, I'm here to let you know that things are going to get better; that the evidence shows that personal recovery is not only possible, but it is probable, and that as ludicrous as it may seem, you can come out of this with a far greater understanding of who you are and what fullfils you and feel happy - yes - happy, again.


You don't need to do this alone.



Organisations who work with CHIME to Thrive will tend to have both a strong social conscience and be pragmatic and forward-thinking; they will recognise that doing this is more effective financially than a reactive apporach.

You may have people within your organisation who are struggling with their mental health and want to better support them so that both them and your organisation can thrive; these may be employees who you value, or they may be clients, customers, patients or citizens.

Hand protect new leaf on the ground,hand

CHIME to Thrive offers 1:1 person-centred support, guidance and problem-solving based on the CHIME model of recovery, evidence around peer-support, mental health and Lauren's lived experience of mental ill-health and recovery, as well as her experience working as a healthcare professional, particularly within rehabilitation.


The first session is always free so that you can gauge whether this service is likely to meet your needs and there is no obligation for future sessions following this.

Sessions are conducted via video-call and scheduled around times that suit you, sessions can be conducted purely though phonecall or written communication (email/text) if this is better suits your needs. In some circumstances, sessions can be arranged face-to-face e.g. if a person has significant communication needs.



The above 1:1 model is available to be commissioned by health, education and local authorities as well as any organisation interested in providing evidence-based, flexible and affordable support to people at the time they need it. If your organisation values prevention, compassion and person-centred approaches to mental ill-health, then please get in touch.

In addition, CHIME to Thrive provides face-to-face training and talks including on proactive approaches to mental health, supporting employees, students and service users with mental illness and disabilities in the workplace, recovery, peer-support and trauma-informed practice.

Forest Trees



Sessions will be done from the comfort of your own home or wherever your feel comfortable, via a secure telehealth platform.  An uninterrupted internet connection will be important for video-calls, if you do not have access to the internet but do have a phone then sessions can be conducted over the telephone as well. If you would prefer sessions to be delivered via a typed message service, then this can be arranged, and is again conducted in 1 hour blocks. In some circumstances, sessions can be arranged face-to-face if other options are not accessible.


If you would like to commission this service so that it can be made more accessible to people who do not have a telephone or internet access e.g. people who are homeless, or people out of work as a result of mental health problems, or if you have any ideas about increasing the availability of this service to those who are most likely to need it, then please do get in touch. Sessions commissioned by organisations can be done face to face within the East Midlands if necessary.

Organisational training, talks and courses will be conducted via webinar, telehealth seminars or face-to-face at your organisation's premises.

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