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We are sorry to announce that due to a high number of existing clients, we are unable to take on any new clients for the time being.

We know how much it takes to get to this point. Please don't give up hope; there will be options available out there for you.

We are sorry for any disappointment this causes.  

Keep growing, and keep going,

Lauren and the
CHIME to Thrive team.

Individual sessions

  • One session

    Individual CHIME to Thrive session
    Valid for one month
    • One hour 1:1 session with Lived Experience Practitioner

NB existing clients are still
able to pay-what-you-can as part of our Covid response.


Examples of previous training and courses:

Delivering trauma-informed care online: neurobiology of trauma and co-regulation (Various).

Delivering peer-research online whilst supporting psychological safety during Covid (NHS).

Supporting young people to be physically and psychologically safe when returning to school (Education).


Supporting young people who have had adverse childhood experiences during uncertain times - Covid (Social Services).

Reducing stigma: the value of lived-experience (University students).

The barriers of accessing urgent mental healthcare (NHS, CCG).


Co-production: linking peer support with recovery (Voluntary Sector).

CHIME recovery courses (courses for people struggling with mental health).

Thriving in spite of illness (courses for people struggling with mental health).

Prices will depend on your organisation's requirements

Organisational training and consultancy

All training is designed based on the organisation's individual requirements and is researched to a high standard. At the moment, training is delivered online only.

Training c
an be delivered as individual sessions or courses.

Previous training has included:
trauma, mental illness, research, Covid (trauma, mental health, best available evidence, and telehealth considerations), peer-support, peer-research, recovery, communication and telehealth.


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