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Mission Statement

CHIME to Thrive aims to prevent people ‘falling through the gaps’ within mental health and social systems through using person-centred, solution-focussed, evidence-based approaches via flexible means, including: secure telehealth sessions; face-to-face sessions; 1:1 and group sessions.


We do not draw sharp distinctions between preventative and recovery approaches, but simply, aim to support people who require support when they need that support. This will positively impact society by reducing the personal, financial and societal costs associated with mental ill-health and historically reactive approaches to this, which will allow more people to be able to live well and contribute meaningfully to society.


CHIME to Thrive aims to train organisations around the need for trauma-informed approaches; equal opportunities for people with mental health conditions; the value of peer-support and lived-experience at organisational and intervention levels; and the need for preventative, early intervention which takes into account the context of the person and their experience to improve mental health, wellbeing and socioeconomic outcomes.

CHIME to Thrive aims to instil hope in recovery and to reduce stigma of mental ill health through training people with lived experience of mental ill health and recovery who have the appropriate skills to support and train others; to pay them fairly for this role, and to value their unique contribution within the organisation.

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