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What is

CHIME to Thrive?

CHIME to Thrive is a non profit organisation specialising in providing support for people who are struggling with their mental health and who haven't been able to access the help they need. It is unique because it has been established and is run by somebody with lived experience of mental ill health and recovery and who receives clinical supervision from a Consultant Clinical Psychologist. For the majority of people sessions are conducted via videocall and can be arranged at a time which suits you. In some situations in the UK, sessions can be arranged face-to-face.

CHIME to Thrive is based on best-available evidence on recovery, peer-support and the experiential knowledge that has come from living with long-term mental ill health without being able to access support, as well as three years of recovery.

Rather than taking a reactive approach, CHIME to Thrive offers support to people at the time that they actually need it. The Lived Experience Practitioner works with people to establish what their current circumstances look, like; what they are struggling with and what is going well. Using the CHIME model of recovery, which is based on research from people who have lived experience of poor mental health and recovery, we work together looking at your Connectedness (relationships), Hope, Identity, Meaning and Empowerment and identify solutions to support you to move forward in areas which are most meaningful to you. In addition, we identify whether there is any need for professional involvement or other solutions which could benefit you and your unique situation and problem-solve how to access these.

This is the service that I wished was available when I was ill and when things were spiralling downwards; having tried repeatedly and unsuccesfully to access support, I eventually gave up, which meant a much bigger task ahead than had I received support when I needed it.



Unfortunately, I know that my case is not unique and that many others struggle every day to access the services they need whilst trying to keep their heads above water. 

I don't want anybody to go through what I did.

I know from my experience, from experience of supporting others and from my research that it is possible to live well in spite of mental illness; that recovery is possible. And I also know that support can mean the difference between sinking or swimming.

What is CHIME to Thrive

How does it work?

CHIME to Thrive is a service for anybody who is struggling with their mental health and who needs a helping-hand to get to where they want to be. The service can be accessed either through secure videocall (PEXIP), or via text-based conversations if this is preferred e.g. due to telephone anxiety.

The aim of the service is to helping you take charge of your personal recovery by:​​

  • Providing you with compassionate, individualised and practical support

  • Helping you believe that recovery is possible

  • Exploring your current situation and identifying problems that you face 

  •  Working together with you to find solutions to those problems

  • Recognising your strengths and supporting you to build on these

  • Setting realistic joint goals to support you in moving forward

  • Provision of relevant tasks between sessions to strengthen your recovery outside of sessions 

  • Using the best available evidence in the mental health literature to support your recovery

  •  Signposting you to services that may help you and supporting you to access them

  • Optional check-in service between sessions

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CHIME model of recovery




                     (Leamy et al., 2011)

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